Deliver the Experience Your Customers Expect with Solutions Like Our Movie Theatre Ticketing Software and Digital Signage

Upgrade your customer’s experience with our solutions. Omniterm does more than streamline operations for your staff. It also helps drive revenue and increases repeat business by offering customers what they want in a cinema. With everything from mobile responsive webstore to digital signage, we can take your business to the next level with our leading solutions designed to enhance the customer experience.

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Features of Our Customer Experience Solutions

Boost the customer experience and keep guests coming back with Omniterm. We offer the cutting-edge features you need to set your movie theatre or cinema apart from the competition. With a mobile-friendly webstore and self-service kiosks, customers can quickly make purchases without waiting in lines for staff.

Online Movie Ticket Software

Sell tickets and concessions from your website. Our mobile-friendly webstore offers a flexible, easy-to-use interface and secure transactions. Customers benefit from simplified ordering, contactless pick-up, and reduced wait times.


Reduce wait times and queues at the cinema for your customers while freeing up your staff. Our self-service kiosks offer guests the option to serve themselves and can help drive sales by offering promotions on concessions.

Ticketing & Digital Signage

Capture customers’ attention and deliver accurate, up-to-date information. With our fully integrated movie theatre digital signage, display everything from showtimes and pricing to the latest blockbuster trailer.

Customer Loyalty & Gift Cards

Make customers feel like part of the club. Customers can enroll in your loyalty program quickly and use gift cards seamlessly, creating a devoted audience base.

See the Benefits of our Customer Experience Software for Yourself!


Customer Experience Software Benefits

  • Create a safer, contactless guest experience
  • Streamline operations and reduce wait times
  • Increase the average customer spend with upsells and promotions
  • Omni-channel ordering options that allow guests to order online, at a kiosk, or at the counter
  • Promote the newest blockbusters and generate repeat business
  • Enhance your cinema’s digital presence with mobile-friendly movie ticket software