Seamlessly Refund Cinema Tickets With Manage My Booking

With the innovative Manage My Booking solution, you give your customers the flexibility to retrieve and refund cinema tickets themselves. Our user-friendly interface allows moviegoers to easily retrieve or refund their bookings without needing to call the box office or wait in long queues. Manage My Booking is a game-changing feature for cinemas looking to improve their guest experience and streamline operations.

Features of Manage My Booking

Manage My Booking goes beyond letting customers refund cinema tickets. This feature gives your patrons access to manage their own ticketing, freeing up your staff and giving your customers greater flexibility.

Retrieve Transactions

Allow customers to access previously purchased tickets and view the online confirmation page, print it, or request the confirmation page be emailed again.

Refund Transactions

Let users perform an automated refund prior to the performance show time. Include or exclude any service fees and refund the card(s) used during the original purchase.

Experience the Benefits of Manage My Booking and Easily Refund Cinema Tickets!

Benefits of Manage My Booking

  • Seamlessly give your customers the ability to retrieve previously purchased tickets
  • Allow customers to easily refund cinema tickets at the click of a button
  • Take the burden of managing ticketing off the box office, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks
  • Improve the customer experience by providing increased flexibility and convenience