Exceed Your Goals With Cinema Analytics

Omniterm cinema analytics solutions track the data needed to make informed decisions to help you and your team work efficiently and effectively. Your theatre relies on data to meet your goals, and our tools are built with all the features and reporting you need to stay ahead.


Omniterm Analytics Features

Track revenues, attendance, and more through Omniterm’s analytics tools. We help you monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important in driving your theatre’s financial success.


Loyalty KPI Monitoring

Gain insights into customer habits with customized reports on available member data like spending. These insights can help shape your marketing strategy and reward initiatives to entice current members to visit your theater again and more frequently.


Cinema Report Automation

Our cloud-based sales monitoring tool displays your revenue data so that you can see sales and attendance figures at a glance. Check for alert notifications that could have a direct impact on revenue.


Seamless Integrations

Our cinema analytics reports integrate all the data from your POS solution and concessions, streamlining reporting onto one platform. Easily identify trends and hot-ticket items from these reports.


Box Office Displays

Omniterm helps you catch and keep your guests’ attention with integrated digital signage. The digital displays automatically receive its information from our back end tools so you can “design-and-forget” your displays.


Concessions & Inventory Management

Enter detailed information about your concession items to be more efficient in managing your inventory. From preferred vendor settings to detailed note fields for entering how the items are purchased, our tools make it easier to track what’s selling and when to re-order.

See the Benefits of our Cinema Analytics Tool for Yourself!

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Benefits of Our Cinema Analytics Tools

  • Save time with automated reports that deliver impactful insights
  • Create marketing plans based on customer loyalty data
  • Order only what you need for concessions based on sales