Omniterm Makes Theatre Marketing Simple and Easy

Theatres and cinemas face new competition from streaming services, but there’s nothing like a night out at the movies. Remind and incentivize your customers to enjoy shows on the big screen. With Omniterm, we make theatre and cinema marketing easy.

Features of Omniterm Theatre Marketing

Use tools from Omniterm designed to facilitate and enhance theatre marketing. Our integrated system allows you to make the best use of data to understand your customers and increase ticket sales. When more customers are at the theatre, you can boost profits with upsells and concessions.

Email Marketing

Engage your customers with information about promotions and upcoming features through emails that keep your brand front of mind. Export your customer data to your favorite email tool and keep your brand in front of customers.

Cinema Management

Omniterm’s cinema management software solution allows you to manage coupons and discounts as well as other elements of your business and close-of-day activity from a centralized system.

Customer Insights

Get detailed reporting that helps you better understand your customers. With reporting insights, you can segment your customer list into the most active and least active, preferred genre, and even who has a birthday coming up. Then, use those insights to send targeted messages and promotions.


Our customer loyalty program is a fully automated system that stores rewards on members’ cards to eliminate managing paper cards. With movie theatre loyalty programs, analyze reports and data on members to tailor reward initiatives to VIP customers.

Gift Cards

One of the most effective strategies for building revenues and cinema marketing is through gift cards. Our gift cards fully integrate to allow for head-office and theatre-level monitoring of card issues, redemption, and balances.

Third-Party Integrations

Our solution integrates with major third-party internet ticketing providers, including Fandango, The Boxoffice Company, and Mobile Moviegoing, to raise brand awareness, help extend your reach, and capture more sales.

See the Benefits of Theatre Marketing for Yourself!

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Benefits of Omniterm Theatre Marketing

  • Increased foot traffic and sales via effective promotions
  • Data-based decisions for improved ROI
  • Real-time visibility into key metrics
  • Enhanced customer experiences