Omniterm Theatre Management Software: Everything Theatre Managers Need in One, Easy-to-Use System

Omniterm knows theatre operations. Our cinema and movie theatre management software is based on our laser focus to develop the best management solutions for the industry and best practices proven throughout our decades of experience. No matter what size of operation you run, our theatre management system is equipped with the functionalities and features you need in one system.

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Omniterm Theatre Management System Features

Our Omniterm movie theatre management system combines all of the elements necessary to create a theatre experience that’s a hit – for your guests and your business. Omniterm is a comprehensive, integrated system that provides managers with everything they need to run an efficient, profitable theatre or cinema where great customer experiences are the main attraction.

Centralized Management

Easily manage taxes, employees, coupons, discounts, accounting, and close-of-day functions, all from a single intuitive interface.

Punch Clock

Every station acts as a time clock with the ability for employees to punch in or print their work schedules, so you can easily keep track of staff.

Concessions Sales & Inventory

Take control of concession operations and profits with cinema POS software designed for inventory management, building a menu of concession items, recipes, meals, combos, and vendor management and purchasing.

Reporting & Real-time Data

Our cinema and movie theatre management software includes detailed reporting, web-based sales monitoring, and an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you real-time visibility into your theatre operations.


Automated Film Settlement

Omniterm allows you to manage your relationships with distribution partners and calculate rental expenses. It includes automated reporting to distributors for accuracy and time savings.

Ticketing Control

Store posters, trailers, ratings, and synopses in a central location to use for online ticketing, signage, point of sale (POS), kiosks, and your website. Ticketing Control allows you to manage film scheduling, pricing, and seating.

See the Benefits of our Theatre Management System for Yourself!

Benefits of Our Movie Theatre Management Software

  • Streamline workflows for greater efficiency
  • Optimize schedules to save time and lower costs
  • Real-time visibility into key metrics
  • Seat allocation for social distancing
  • Manage multi-location chains with our enterprise solution
  • Everything you need from a single provider committed to your success