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Part sales, part popcorn, part usher, part analyst,
part loyalty, part profit. Part-ner.

OMNITERM delivers a complete and affordable theatre management solution that includes, ticket sales, reserved seating, concessions, promotion, loyalty programs, even restaurant sales; all packaged up with some of the most robust and revealing business reporting you’ll find.
The multi-mega POS solution... for everyone.

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Hardware, software... anywhere.
All systems are go with OMNITERM.

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Computer with eye CONTROL

Robust reporting lets you see (and
enjoy) your success!

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We do it all and cost less.
So... you do the math.

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Training, support, service – OMNITERM’s team is always ready to help.

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Sit back and enjoy the show while OMNITERM performs flawlessly.

With a 4-decade track record, OMNITERM has helped define the cinema POS industry. Our Integra POS Theatre Management Software (TMS) solution neatly integrates all aspects of the cinema experience. Mega-plexes and multi-locations are handled easily, as is the collection of data that is instantly converted into revealing reports.

OMNITERM is the enterprise strength POS solution... that you don’t have to be an enterprise to consider.

What Our Clients Say

“The advanced technology of OMNITERM’s TMS solution provides us with excellent control, operational functionality and efficiency. They are a leader in the industry and they have met our high expectations and demands with respect to areas of customer service and security, which are our top priorities.”


“We asked OMNITERM to help us deliver the level of service that our customers come to expect from us. This not only relates to our facility but also to our level of service we provide to our customers at the concession stands and ticketing booths.”

Neil Pearlmutter
Vice President, Santa Rosa Entertainment Group
  Jon Forman
President, Cleveland Cinemas